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Cowee Repeater On Air

On Sunday, June 9, A New DMR Repeater was launched and brought online. While the repeater is currently waiting for the router to be tied into internet, it's time to start programming your radios in anticipation! The footprint of the repeater stretches reliably to Balsam, Franklin, Cherokee, Sylva, Cullowhee, and beyond. I hope that this repeater will be of great use to the community, and an enjoyment for all. It carries the same Talk-Group setup as the repeater in Sylva, and operates on 444.200/449.200. Internet connectivity should be established in the coming days.

For Reference- The TG's that will be available on the repeater are listed below.

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 1

Local — 27500

PRN Chat 1 — 27501

PRN Chat 2 — 27502

DMRX TAC 310 — 310

DMRX TAC 311 — 311

DMRX TAC 1 — 8951

DMRX BrandMeister — 3100 \

Echotest Server — 9998

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 2

PRN — 2

Special thanks to Danny Hampton-K4ITL, Scott Whittaker-KF4DBW, Chuck deCourt-W3WZN, Dalton Smith-WZ2M & others who contributed to the support of the project!

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