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Glenville/Cashiers DMR Repeater Added!

On September 9th, 2021, another DMR Machine is being Launched that will provide coverage to the Glenville/Cashiers area for the NC-PRN Network! This repeater will launch on 444.5500, and contains a local talkgroup that will link with the other two repeaters I have launched in Jackson County. This can now be referred to as "Jackson Local", to help illustrate the consistent wide area coverage, as well as to help differentiate it from the other local groups available on other repeaters in shared areas. This linked talk group will provide good coverage to the populated areas in northern and southern Jackson County. The equipment was recently put in place and will be turned on for the use of the HAM community after testing and final alignments are made.

Additionally, this repeater will be added to the NC-AuxComm Emergency Link utilized on demand by the western branch of North Carolina Emergency Management. This repeater will also be added to the High Country Net. This net meets each Tuesday at 8PM on the local talkgroup VIA a temporary Net Link. These links bring together 15 other repeaters in the Western part of North Carolina.

Talkgroups that are available are consistent with other NC-PRN Repeaters, and listed below-

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 1

Local — 27500 (Linked, Full Time)

PRN Chat 1 — 27501 (On Demand)

PRN Chat 2 — 27502 (On Demand)

Echotest Server — 9998 (On Demand)

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 2

PRN — 2 (Full Time)

For more details on the NC-PRN system, it's coverage & capability, please visit Many HAMS came together and donated time, equipment, and other resources to the effort. A special thanks to them, as well as the bridge administrators for making this project possible.

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