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Go-Kit. Kinda.

I've been working to construct a semi-go-kit for communications. A semi-go-kit you ask? Well not yet having a garage or all the tools I would need to make an ideal self contained enclosure, This is a simple and portable kit that contains the radios I would need to transport- but does not contain a self sufficient power source. I'm planning to add a power supply for shore-power to the base of this unit, and utilize another source if needed (Car battery, Generator, Etc..) There are large cases out there that are very cumbersome to carry, and others that will be OK on size but only contain one radio. So I built this rail system to house a standard mobile.

The original Idea came from the center equipment console I keep in my vehicle. I like the smaller size and durability of it, and this is as close as I could come on a tight budget, limited tools, and limited workspace. This setup will give me U/VHF DMR and Analog wherever it winds up. I've thought also about purchasing a LiPo battery setup to go with it and keep it fairly small. I'd love to add 12V lighting, notepad paper and a writing utensil, and potentially a 12V power distribution system to be able to latch in to existing 12V power, or add components on the fly.

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