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PRN CodePlug Updates

Effective this month, the PRN Repeater System as a whole, has stopped carrying the TAC310, TAC1, and the DCI Bridge Channels. For the W3WDD Repeaters, this also includes TAC311. This change does not come from the administration of the PRN Network, but rather the external host of the bridge connections that allows the PRN Bridge access to the talkgroups. PRN Administration further stated that the loss of these TalkGroups was not the result of any user on the system.

The Original Article is available here:

One Silver Lining here is the increased free space in your codeplug when these groups are removed, allowing space for more repeaters- and more contacts to be entered. The PRN Website also appears to have been undergoing a lot of updates in the last several weeks, and I'm excited to see what types of changes and improvements the PRN may be able to offer it's users in the coming times ahead.

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